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The Kids Dolphin Club

We are exploring the idea of a dedicated kids club for all things dolphin and marine life related. There will be two age groups, Juniors 12 and under and Youths from 13 to 17 years of age. Activities could include exploring the local rockpools, making model dolphins, learning how to draw and paint dolphins and other kinds of marine life, participating in watches and surveys, beach cleans and animal rescues. We are open to ideas and suggestions on this theme especially for school holiday periods. Contact us via this website or our Facebook group page. In a collaboration with " Rockpool School"  we provide tuition on line through our facebook pages. Nicola Everitt, who runs the School also provides workshops and  other activities for youngsters. Join the Dolphin Kids Club and get a free members badge and welcome pack!...

Lazy Seal
Diving with Whaleshark
Pack of Barracudas
Whale Shark
Spinner Dolphins
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