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Newbiggin Bay -  " A New Beginning"....

We are so very lucky.  We have a fabulous Bay at Newbiggin reclaimed from its former industrial  and mining heritage. Now its a Mecca for all kinds of marine wildlife. In the last few years our "hidden gem" has even become home to wild dolphins that can be spotted in and around the Bay anytime from March to October, with almost daily sightings in mid summer. You can join us at Church Point, Newbiggin Point or Spital Point and see bottle nose dolphins, white beak dolphins and harbour porpoises foraging, feeding, hunting, playing or generally just messing around!. If you are lucky you may  even spot Minke and Pilot whales too!. We also have a growing Grey Seal population and visits from Eurasian Otters. See if you can spot these elusive creatures!. Submit your photos to our  Facebook page gallery and you could  win a prize in our annual photographic competition. Welcome to our new website and welcome to our Newbiggin Bay....its simply a great place to be!.

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white beak dolphin.png
Lazy Seal
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