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Membership Rules



" Every Member of the Dolphin Watch Association is expected to abide by the agreed Constitution, its Mission Statement, Objectives, Association Rules and Regulations and represent the organisation's best interests when undertaking Association business or activities."



1.  All Association Members agree to abide by the Constitution, Code of Conduct and Asssociation Rules and Regulations.

2.  Membership of the Dolphin Watch Association is open to anyone aged 18 and over with an interest in supporting Association objectives and is free of charge.

3.   Membership is processed through our Association secretary Sophie Kadir who will issue a membership card and unique identifier. Member details will be held on a secure database. Members should keep the Secretary informed of any change in contact details.

Membership is renewed annually. A reminder will be  sent 4 weeks before expiry of membership. In the event of no response or a request to leave the Association membership will be terminated after 3 months and membership card voided.


4.   Each Member is entitled to a vote at our AGM. Each Member can nominate another Member for election to the Committee. Each Member can also make proposals.


5.   In the event a Member has been deemed to be in breach of rules or code of conduct the Committee will offer the Member an opportunity to explain their actions before consideration of membership suspension or termination. The Committee's decision is final if membership termination is deemed necessary.


6.   All Members are legally responsible for their own actions. If volunteering in any capacity on behalf of the Association suitable training will be offered and funded, for example safeguarding. Out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed.


7.   Members will have access to a confidential "member only " area of the Association website. If a Member wishes to use or share information from that section, for example sightings data, permission must be granted by the Committee in advance.


8.   It is expected that every Association Member will abide by  any other rules or instructions from the Committee which are agreed to be in the best interests of the Association.

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