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Marine Mammal Welfare (Emergencies)

We are committed to supporting all efforts to safeguard our marine mammals and liase with other agencies in the reporting, rescue  or recovery of stranded animals found on our shoreline. These include BDMLR, NIFCA, the County Council, HM Coastguard, St Mary's Seal Rescue and RSPCA. Emergency contact is available 24/7 via BDMLR and the Coastguard for advice.  We also plan to host Marine Mammal Medic training in the future so we have trained personnel available locally at short notice to deal with any live strandings.


BDMLR                                 01825765546 

or out of office hrs             07787433412

COASTGUARD                      999

                                      or    01262672317


CSIP                                      08006520333 

SEALWATCH                       07551902204

NEIFCA                                01482393515  (office)

NCC                                      03456006400

COASTAL WARDEN           01670797323 

                                     or    07932440838

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