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Visitor Guide

For 2019 a colour booklet has been produced full of facts and figures about our marine life at the Bay plus pictures and illustrations of the most common marine mammals, seabirds, fish and rockpool life you are most likely to see  at any given time.  There are sections on the dolphin story, how to spot for dolphins, where are the best observing locations around the Bay. Also recommendations on suitable binoculars and cameras to photograph wildlife even with the simplest of equipment. The booklet is designed to complement our website with easy to find landmarks and reference points for the locations we describe.

IMG-1110 (1).jpg

The booklet is now on general sale for £5 and available from our Association secretary Sophie Kadir. Copies will also be made available at our Watches, Exhibitions and Public Meetings. All funds raised are re-invested into our projects to enhance the dolphin experience for everyone!. Makes a lovely gift for anyone interested in learning more about our dolphins or as a handy reference guide for all the abundant wildlife that can be observed in and around our Bay throughout the year.

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